Hidden Skype Emoticons

If you have Skype, you can use our hidden emoticons to enhance your communication and express yourself in fun and exciting ways. Use emoticon codes to send secret Skype emoticons and brighten up your discussions!

Icon Shortcode
Drunk emoticon for Skype
Smoking emoticon for Skype
Skype smiley with beard
Glasses guy emoticon
Skype smiley with hat
Snail emoticon for Skype
Bug emoticon
Computer emoticon
Calendar icon
Hourglass emoticon
Icon Shortcode
Can you talk? emoticon
Joystick emoticon
Car emoticon for Skype
Plane Skype emoticon
Island emoticon
Umbrella emoticon
Skype smiley with hat
Clover emoticon
Gift Skype emoticon
Camera icon
Icon Shortcode
Policeman emoticon
Woman emoticon
Man emoticon
Pool party emoticon
Photographer emoticon
Toivo Skype emoticon
Lock emoticon
What is going on
Skype emoticon

More emoticons for Skype

Icon Shortcode
Headbang smiley
Facepalm smiley
TMI Smiley
Swear smiley
Punch smiley for Skype
Rock smiley
Dull smiley
Angry animated smiley
Skype smiley with evil grin
Crying smiley
Icon Shortcode
Kiss smiley
Blush smiley
Tongue out smiley
Hi Smiley
Smiley crossing fingers
Idea smiley
High five smiley
Clapping smiley
Skype smiley in love
Giggle Skype smiley
Yawn smiley
Icon Shortcode
Fist bump emoticon
Celebration emoticon
Peace fingers
Poke finger
Praying hands emoticon
Sheep emoticon
Monkey emoticon
Jumping dog animated emoticon
Animated cat emoticon
Squirrel for Skype
Teddy bear hug

We are continually designing new emoticons that can help you express everything you think or feel. Whether you choose to use our Skype smileys or emoticons for Facebook, you'll discover that we have an immense collection of cool symbols for you to use when you communicate with family and friends. In fact, take time to tell them about all the new Skype emoticons we have as well as the many emoticons and smileys we offer for use on Facebook. They'll enjoy using these images and so will you!

Take time to browse our galleries. You'll find various unique collections of emoticons along with codes that make it easy to post these expressive images.

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