Facebook Symbols (ASCII + Unicode)

We have an exciting collection of Facebook symbols! As you can see, they're designed to be incredibly user-friendly. They're so easy to use! Simply copy and paste the symbols of your choice to a status, comment or message on Facebook. You'll discover that they really spice up your communication and allow you to express yourself in a myriad of fun ways.

Because these are ASCII symbols, you'll find them everywhere - on Facebook, web pages and even documents. For fun you can practice pasting them in comments below. You'll get the hang of creating interesting text symbols in no time. Be sure to like our page as that's a great way to find out when we add new symbols, emoticons and smileys. We are also designing new images for you and your friends to use on FB. We believe it enhances your experience and makes social media even more fun!

Don't forget to browse all galleries with Facebook symbol codes, such as heart symbols, zodiac signs, gender symbols, music notes, Emoji and other interesting emoticons. Tell your friends about us too! You'll find that we've amassed an amazing collection of Unicode characters that allow you to customize your expressions. Set a fun new trend by posting these symbols. Everyone you connect with on FB will enjoy your posts and messages!