Here is the old emoji table. This is how emojis appeared in Facebook statuses and comments before the Facebook Emoji 2.0 update in February 2017. After the update, emojis got redesigned and their number increased to more than 1500. You can check the new list here.

In chat messages on Facebook, aka Messenger, emojis now have different design than their counterparts in posts and comments. So if the same emoji code is pasted within a post or a comment, the emoji appearance will be slightly different than in a message.

To post these emojis, copy their codes beneath the icons and use them with Paste option.

Facebook Smiley Face Facebook big smile - Grin emoticon Facebook Sad Emoticon Facebook Cry Emoticon Facebook Tounge Out Emoticon Facebook Angel Smiley Emoticon Facebook Devil Emoticon Facebook Confused Smiley Facebook Wink Smiley Facebook Gasp Emoticon Facebook squint emoticon Facebook angry smiley Facebook Kiss Emoticon
Facebook Heart Emoticon Facebook Kiki Smiley Glasses Smiley for Facebook Facebook Sunglasses Smiley Facebook Shark Emoticon Facebook Robot Smiley Facebook Grumpy Smiley Facebook Pacman Emoticon Facebook Unsure Smiley Facebook Curly Lips Emoticon Facebook Blush Emoticon Thumb Up (y) Like Facebook Emoticon Poop - New Facebook Emoticon
Chris Putnam emoticon Facebook Penguin Emoticon Peace Fingers Emoticon Facebook Sun Emoticon Facebook Cloud Icon Umbrella Emoticon Facebook Thunder Emoticon Stars Facebook Emoticons White star Facebook emoticon Snowflake Emoji for Facebook Facebook Snowman Emoticon Cup Of Coffee Facebook Emoticon Hot plate emoticon
Boat emoticon Fuel pump emoticon Airplane Facebook emoticon Fountain emoticon Tent emoticon Facebook church emoticon Telephone Facebook Emoticon Envelope emoticon Scissors emoticon Toilet emoticon for Facebook Bath emoticon Red bikini undearwear emoticon for Facebook Lipstick emoticon
T-shirt emoticon Kimono emoji Dress emoticon Boots emoticon High heels emoticon Sandal emoticon Briefcase emoticon Handbag Tie emoticon for Facebook Top hat Facebook emoticons Womans hat emoji Crown emoticon Ring emoticon
No smoking Facebook emoticon Soccer ball emoticon Baseball emoticon Golf emoticon Football emoticon Basketball emoticon Tennis emoticon Billiard emoticon Target emoticon Skis emoticon Racing flags emoticon Finish line emoticon Trophy emoticon
Warning sign emoticon for Facebook No entry emoticon exclamation point Emoji Exclamation mark emoticon Red exclamation point emoticon Question mark emoticon Cross mark emoticon Cross mark Facebook emoji Multiplication Facebook symbol Heart suit emoticon Spades emoticon Diamond suit emoticon for Facebook Clubs suit emoticon
A-ok sign Dislike Emoticon Facebook Clenched Fist Emoticon Index finger emoticon High Five Emoticon Two hands reaching up Muscle arm Fist Emoticon A pair of hands clapping. Finger pointing up Index finger Finger pointing left emoticon Finger pointing down Emoticon
Broken Heart Emoticon Facebook Blue Heart Icon Green Heart Emoticon Yellow Heart Emoticon Purple Heart Emoticon Triple Heart Emoticon Stabbed Heart Cool heart icon Wrapped Heart Emoticon Sparkling Heart Icon Revolving hearts Emoji White heart in red square Love letter Facebook emoticon
Couple in love Lip Mark Emoticon Lips Emoticon Emoticon in love Emoticon Blowing A Kiss Kiss emoticon for Facebook Happy Facebook smiley red in face Smirking smiley Satisfied Smiling face for Facebook Big smile emoticon Disappointed emoticon Crying Emoji smiley for Facebook
Medic Facebook smiley Emoticon with cold sweat Fear Emoticon Relieved emoticon Sleepy smiley Scared Facebook Emoticon Emoticon screaming in fear Dizzy emoticon Emoticon Shedding Tears Angry face emoticon Emoticon with eyes wide open Astonished Emoticon Big Grin Emoticon
Tongue out and winking Tongue out emoticon Winking Emoticon Sad Face Unamused Emoticon Emoticon crying tears of joy Red Angry Emoticon Purple Devil Emoticon Alien Emoticon Green Monster Emoticon Ghost Emoticon Angel Emoji Girl with bunny ears
Guardsman Emoticon Man With Turban Santa Claus Emoticon Policeman Emoticon Construction Worker Emoticon Princess Emoticon Older Man Older woman Man emoticon Emoticon of woman Boy emoticon Girl emoticon for Facebook Baby Face
Blonde Girl Emoticon Boy and girl holding hands Man and woman holding hands Dancer Emoticon Ear Emoticon Nose Emoticon Eyes Emoticon Star Emoticon Moon Emoticon Facebook Music Note Emoticon Music Notes Emoticon Zzz Emoticon Fire Emoticon
Bell Emoticon Balloon Emoticon Happy New Year Emoticon Cocktail Glass Emoticon Beer Emoticon Beer Emoji Bottle emoticon Teacup emoticon Fork and knife emoticon Bread emoticon Frying Pan - Cooking emoticon French fries emoticon The food pot emoticon
Bowl of sushi Spaghetti food Steaming bowl Facebook cake emoticon Shaved ice Ice cream emoticon Hamburger Emoticon Red Apple Emoticon Strawberry Emoticon Orange Emoticon Watermelon emoticon Tomato icon Aubergine
Seedling Emoticon Palm Emoticon Cactus Emoticon Maple Leaf Emoticon Fallen Leaf Emoticon Fluttering Leaf Cherry Blossom Facebook Rose Emoticon Tulip Emoticon Sunflower Emoticon Hibiscus Emoticon Bouquet Emoticon Christmas Tree Emoticon
Puppy Emoticon Teddy Bear Emoticon Monkey Face Mouse Emoticon Hamster Emoticon Wolf Emoticon Tiger Emoticon Horse face Pig Emoticon Cat Emoticon Bunny Emoticon Poodle Emoticon Sheep Emoticon
Penguin face Koala Emoticon Cow Emoticon Wild boar Emoticon Chicken Emoticon Yellow Chick Bird Emoticon Elephant Emoticon Horse Emoticon Monkey Emoticon Camel Emoticon Dolphin Emoticon Whale emoticon
Tropical Fish Fish Emoticon Blowfish Octopus Seashell Emoticon Frog Face Snake Emoticon Bug Emoticon Wind Emoticon Wave Emoticon Droplets Emoticon Snowflake Facebook Emoticon Rainbow Facebook Emoticon
Phone emoticon Fax emoticon Speakers emoticon Emoticon of radio Camera Emoji Movie emoticon VHS emoticon Satellite Facebook TV Emoticon PC Facebook Emoticon Floppy disk emoticon CD or DVD Emoticon Tablet or smartphone emoticon
Present emoticon Carp streamers Anger symbol emoticon Nail Polish Emoticon Footprints Facebook Emoticon Clover Emoticon Graduation Hat Pumpkin Emoticon Skull emoticon Automated Teller Machine Money bag emoticon Dollar emoticon Yen bill
Bicycle emoticon Automobile emoticon Car Facebook emoticon Truck emoticon Bus emoticon Fire truck emoticon Police car emoticon Ambulance emoticon Taxi emoticon Train emoticon Tram car Speed train Station emoji
Speedboat emoji Ship emoticon Roller coaster Rocket emoji Ticket emoticon Bus stop sign Traffic lights Construction sign on road Barber sign Antenna signal No under 18 emoticon Vibration mode emoticon Phone off emoticon
Sunrise emoticon Sunrise over mountains Sunset emoticon Dusk emoji Starry night emoticon Snow mountain emoticon Japanese castle emoji Japanese building emoji Castle emoticon Bank emoticon Statue of Liberty emoticon for Facebook Ferris wheel emoticon Tokyo tower emoji
Hotel emoticon Love hotel emoji Office emoticon School emoticon Factory emoticon Hospital emoticon Department store emoticon Convenience store Wedding emoticon House emoji House emoticon Mailbox emoticon Mailbox with raised flag
Postbox emoji Mail emoticon for Facebook Incoming mail Facebok emoticon Memo sign School bag emoticon Open book emoticon Paint palette Microphone emoticon Megaphone emoticon Headphones emoticon Saxophone emoticon Trumpet emoticon Guitar emoticon for Facebook
Public address system Lock emoji Closed lock with a key Key Facebook emoticon Open lock emoticon Magnifying glass emoticon Light bulb emoticon Dollar sign for Facebook  Pistol emoticon Bomb emoticon Cigarette emoticon Pill emoticon Syringe emoji
Mask emoticon Clapper board Film role Restroom Mens emoticon Womens emoticon Child emoticon VS emoticon versus Up emoji Cool emoticon sign Wheelchair emoticon Curly loops sign WC emoticon
Congratulations emoticon Secret Facebook emoticon Free service symbol Available Facebook symbols Destination emoticon Finger point Full emoticon Sale emoticon Have nothing emoticon Month symbol Own emoticon Request emoticon Working emoticon for Facebook
Good bargain symbol Square symbol Circle Rightwards arrow Downwards arrow Leftwards arrow Upwards arrow Northeast arrow Northwest arrow Southeast arrow Southwest arrow Up right arrow Arrow pointing down right
Ribbon emoticon Closed umbrella emoji Droplet emoji Hammer Facebook emoticon Seat emoticon Part alternation mark Trident emoticon Noob sign Mahjong tile red dragon Gem stone Diamond emoticon Blue diamond emoji Orange diamond

We are surely going to miss these little fellas, they were super-cute and made Facebook a lot more cheerful place. But new designs of emojis on Facebook and Messenger are stunning, and with so many newly added icons they are really fun to use. All these emoji codes from table still work after the update, just emojis have a new appearance.

These old designs may still be available to some users, considering that updates on Facebook sometimes take months to show to all of its users worldwide.

Below is the updated list of emojis, simply click on emoji icons and their codes will be instantly copied. Use the Search option to quickly find any emoji you are looking for.

Let us know in comments what you like and what you don't like about the new emojis.