Facebook Text Art (ASCII Art)

If you want to wow your family and friends on Facebook, we've designed a gallery specifically for text art for you to use on the social network. Our ASCII art is an eclectic collection of outstanding text art for Facebook. These text art images, pictures, and symbols will catch everyone's eye and enhance the fun you can have communicating.

ASCII text art for Facebook can be posted on a timeline or in comments. Most of the will work in messages too! You can copy and paste any ASCII image place it for an extraordinary effect. All of our text art, smileys, and emoticons are free for you to use on Facebook. Use them every day to express yourself or make someone's day a little more interesting!

ASCII art, or text art as it is popularly known, is a graphic art technique that employs keyboard letters and symbols to create graphic works of art. This digital art form actually stretches back to the 1800s when someone created a butterfly by typing on an early typewriter. Today, of course, computers make the creation and sharing of ASCII art incredibly easy. Yet some designs are so unbelievably complex that it is mind boggling to understand how they were done!


If you love Facebook ASCII art, be sure to visit this page often as we are always adding new ASCII images and symbols for you to share with your FB friends. Include these on someone's wall or even your own. Don't forget we have many galleries filled with emoticons that suit every emotion and situation. These make keeping in touch on Facebook so much fun.


So inspire your family and friends to share cool text art, too, along with some exciting emoticons and ramp up your fun. Visit us often to discover new favorites for sharing for free on Facebook!